Giovanni Petruziello, Matt Dellavalle, Brendan Curran, and Ryan Tanguay in South Beach Miami Florida for the International Watch and Jewelry Guild 2022

About Us

Founded by Brendan Curran, Ryan Tanguay, and Giovanni Petruzziello, all esteemed alumni of Quinnipiac University, The Watch Trader is set to redefine the luxury watch industry in Connecticut and beyond.

Ryan Tanguay initiated his journey in the luxury watch sector at just 15 in 2016. His early foray equipped him with not only deep industry knowledge but also underscored the importance of trust and relationships in this trade. While this is the first business endeavor for Ryan and Brendan, they've teamed up with Gio, a seasoned entrepreneur who owns multiple companies in Connecticut, ensuring a blend of fresh perspectives and proven business insight.

The Watch Trader isn’t just another watch company. We are built on the foundational principles of trust, relationship-building, and top-tier expertise. Our mission is simple: to be the go-to experts for luxury watches in Connecticut and to deliver impeccable services on a global scale.

For collectors and enthusiasts alike, The Watch Trader is your most reliable destination. When you partner with us, you're not just acquiring a timepiece; you're investing in a trusted relationship.

Join us at The Watch Trader. Experience the pinnacle of luxury watch trading.